Whether your district has opted to do the Mandate Block Grant, or will continue to file in the traditional method, you must be prepared to be in compliance.

With over 25 years of experience with state mandates and an impeccable track record for helping our clients maintain compliancy, EdLink brings you the industry leader in providing State Mandated Costs services.

• Through strategic planning and collaboration, we identify and deliver customized mandated costs services specifically tailored to meet your district’s needs.

• Provide an analysis of each claim that identifies areas where reimbursements can be increased.

• Time burden of school staff is minimized through our two-step collection process that provides data necessary to complete school site mandated costs forms.

• Through our easy to use forms, we increase return rate of information requests, leading to increased reimbursement potential.

• Our team of program experts maintains a strong pulse on the political environment and ever-changing requirements to help your district make informed decisions.

• Personalized service during the transition period from traditional mandated costs filing procedures to the MBG, all while maintaining the lowest possible costs to your district.

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